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Porter McCartney
After receiving so many requests for pictures of Porter, this Web page has been created for you!
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The following are some questions and answers to some common questions. 
Dianne T. asks: Does Porter chase cats?

Yes Dianne, Porter does chase cats if I’m not with him.

Since Porter has lived on his own in the wild for sometime he has learned to hunt for his own food. Porter has actually caught squirrels and then wants to take them home.

In the winter Porter can hear moles / mice under the snow. He drops his paw and within seconds he has the mole. I have caught him doing this more then once. It is NOT good for any dog to eat any wild rodent because they could catch a virus.

Thank you Dianne for your question.

Jill B. asks: What does Porter like to eat?

Unfortunately Jill, Porter will eat anything given to him. This is NOT a good thing.

Porter is fed twice a day with a mug of dry kibble food in the morning and another mug of dry kibble food around noon hour. It is important that your dog have fresh water all the time. Porter drinks about two bowls of water a day. Porter is also given two dog cookies a day when out on his walks.

Thank you Jill.

David S. asks: Does Porter like other dogs?

Yes David, Porter likes all dogs that are nice to him. Porter will allow more then one small dog to greet him at the same time. Most dogs are friendly with young puppies. They just seem to know to be very gentle. But if a dog starts barking aggressively or if Porter thinks I’m being threatened he will not hesitate to react by barking back. Barking for Porter is rare.

Thank you for your question David.

Brian L. asks: What commands / things does Porter know?
1. Stay - is the most important command for numerous safety reasons.
2. Come
3. Heel
4. Sit
5. Lay Down
6. Shy
7. Wave
8. High Five
9. Beg
10. Up
11. Dance
12. Paw - just raises his paw as within the slide show.
13. Shake A Paw
14. Over
15. Porter, the paper please.
Retrieves newspaper at the end of walkway / driveway.
16. Fetch specific items ie. Bone, Ball, Squeak Toy,
17. Go to bed.
18. Gentle
19. Kiss - Porter’s kiss is a lick.
20. Hungry - moves his head like saying no but he means yes, then takes a toy and runs to his food dish.
21. Time for a walk. - shakes his body and goes to his leash.
That is all I can think of at the moment. When you state things: There are numerous things Porter does. Example: He automatically sits down and will wait for the light to change when crossing a busy road.

Every dog is unique; they all have their own personality, much like people.

I hope that answers your question Brian. Thank you!

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